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Quest Kodiak demonstration

May 9, 2017 Dr. Richard Caso, ACES founder, flew a Quest Kodiak bush plane from Fullerton Airport to Catalina Island on May 7, 2017, with demo pilot Mr. Long Nguyen. ACES Foundation extends thanks to Mr. Tobias Kleff from Clay Lacy Aviation in Van Nuys, California for providing the aircraft.The Kodiak plane is an incredible plane that has a turbine engine, high-lift wings and tundra tires that allows it to land in the bush or back country. The performance characteristics of this plane make it an ideal aircraft for our humanitarian mission. It will allow us to carry almost a ton of emergency medical supplies and equipment as well as rescue personnel into the most desolate and hard to land areas. Mr. Long Nguyen demonstrated a simulated landing over tall trees and a short runway by nosing the plane over and putting it “on the numbers.” We also performed a stall series which demonstrated the remarkable capability of this wonderful aircraft.

We hope to raise funds to purchase a Kodiak airplane for our vital mission to help save lives. We will start a formal fund-raising drive in June, 2017. We greatly appreciate your support.