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ACES kick off meeting in Long Beach Airport in May 2015

ACES first meeting is scheduled in May of 2015 (TBD) at the Long Beach Airport campus in Long Beach, California. The initial meeting is to introduce the key personnel, volunteers, and advisers and to formally inaugurate the program. The formal organization and bylaws and other corporate operational and governance will be reviewed and adopted.


Part of ACES’ charter is to engage members of local communities to volunteer their time and services to assist local organizations during times of emergencies and natural or man-made disasters. Some of these services involve health screening, caring for people that are home-bound, working with community volunteers to ensure smoke detectors and other safety equipment are in working order.

ACES will encourage teens and young adults to join our mentorship program to learn about our organization and learn valuable skills by interacting with our volunteers. Volunteer mentors representing various occupations will be available to discuss their work and perhaps spark an interest in pursuing a particular field of education or work. Examples of these occupations include health care professionals, air traffic controllers, aircraft mechanics, and software programmers, among others.

We also welcome volunteers who might be thinking of becoming pilots by matching them with our volunteer pilots and flight instructors. The volunteers will be granted access to ACES’ pilot library, flight simulator, and aircraft. Our flight instructors will be available to provide instruction at little or no cost for a select number of volunteers.

Emergency Disaster Management

ACES will work closely and collaboratively with existing community volunteer programs in providing our services under their direction and established protocols.