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Hospital Emergency Preparedness Programs

May 10, 2017 Dr. Richard Caso, ACES founder and CEO, presented our program to hospital consortia in San Diego County. Hospital officials involved with the Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program (HEPP). California hospitals are part of a consortium that provide help in the form of medical and surgical supplies and equipment to each other in cases of a major natural or man-made disaster through mutual aid pacts. This program ensures that hospitals will come to each other’s aid if they are running short of supplies because of a medical surge of unexpected emergency cases that overwhelm their supplies.

Our humanitarian organization of volunteer pilots is prepared to help resupply these hospitals whether they are located in urban, rural, or mountain areas. ACES will be acquiring a Quest Kodiak turbine-powered plane that is ideal for these types of missions. We will be available to transport supplies from one airport to another in areas impacted by a disaster upon receiving a request from the hospital group.