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Fullerton Airport Day Event

May 13, 2017 This year’s fourth annual airport day event at Orange County’s only remaining general aviation airport was a resounding success. The event was held under a fabulous sunny day which made it ideal for the spectacular aerial displays. This was the largest attendance in the history of the event. Our thanks go to Brendan O’Reilly, airport administrator; Monica Roseberry, administrative assistant; Jim Gandee, Fullerton Airport Pilots Asssociation; and Mike Jesch, vice-president of FAPA; and all the volunteers who planned and executed this terrific event.

ACES had a booth that displayed the many pieces of rescue and survival equipment that our volunteer pilots and aircraft would fly to airports located in disaster-impacted areas. ACES shared the booth with key members of SOARA, an amateur ham radio club in Mission Viejo, California. SOARA provided a ham radio link from the ACES hangar to the ACES booth. They set up a link from the hangar, a link across the runway located at the Orange County Fire Authority hangar, and a link at our booth. We were able to view broadcast quality television images on monitors in the hangar and the booth. Don Hill, Ray Hutchinson, Jim Norman, and Joe Ayers provided their expertise to make this possible. We sincerely thank them for their efforts.

ACES hosted friends, family, and visitors at the hangar. They enjoyed touring the warehouse, viewing our FAA approved simulator, giant VFR flight planning wall map, and doing a bit of “hangar flying.”

We especially thank Deborah Sottile for introducing two new friends and retired professional pilots, Mssrs. Darrell Schmidt and Steve Telepman. Thanks go to Ms. Mary Brannigan, Mr. Fernando Grijalva, and Mr. Carl Alquin for helping us at the booth and the hangar. Special and heartfelt thanks go to my son, Mr. Brand Caso, for providing a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van as our mobile command vehicle. This vehicle will serve as a mobile command center and will be capable of providing emergency communication via radio link in cases of unavailability of cellular communication capabilities or disrupted landline communications.